Choose how you track Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders

In a recent survey, 73% of customers said that shipping has a large impact on their buying decisions.*

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment gives your customers fast, reliable shipping with effective tracking options.

Multi-Channel Fulfilment provides four different options to track your shipments:

  • On Seller Central from the Manage Orders page
  • Through AfterShip , with tracking integration on popular channels, including Etsy and Wish
  • Through the GetPackageTrackingDetails API, which provides all tracking IDs in a Multi-Channel Fulfilment order (not just the first shipment)
  • Directly on, where you can enable customers to track their shipments and have them receive a shipment confirmation email

To learn more, go to our blog How to track your Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders or get started with Multi-Channel Fulfilment.

*Source: SupplyChain