Changing the ASIN of FBA product

Hi all,

I have sent an item in, however have subsequently found a better asin for the same product without a suppressed buy box.

Is it possible for me to list on this other asin as FBM and use MCF to fulfill orders? Or is this one of Bezo’s no no’s?

It’s a No No

Changing the ASIN of an FBA product on Amazon can be a complex process and may have implications for your product listings and inventory management. Before proceeding, it’s important to understand the reasons for wanting to change the ASIN and consider the potential impact on your business.

If you still wish to proceed with changing the ASIN, here are some steps you may need to take:

  1. Contact Amazon Support: Reach out to Amazon Seller Support and explain the reason for wanting to change the ASIN. Provide any relevant details or documentation to support your request.

  2. Evaluate Inventory: Assess the current inventory associated with the existing ASIN. Determine whether you will need to create new listings or update existing ones for the new ASIN. Consider any potential impact on sales rank, reviews, and product history.

  3. Create New Listings: If necessary, create new product listings for the product under the new ASIN. Ensure that all product information, images, and details are accurate and up to date.

  4. Manage Inventory: Once the new listings are created, manage your inventory accordingly. You may need to create removal orders for existing inventory associated with the old ASIN and send new inventory to Amazon with the new ASIN.

  5. Update Marketing Materials: Update any marketing materials, advertisements, or promotions that reference the old ASIN to reflect the new ASIN.

  6. Monitor Performance: Keep an eye on the performance of the product under the new ASIN and make adjustments as needed to optimize sales and visibility.

It’s important to note that changing the ASIN of a product can have implications for your Amazon account and may not always be feasible or advisable. Be sure to consult with Amazon Seller Support or a professional advisor for guidance specific to your situation before proceeding.

Sometimes, products can have multiple identifiers - such as an EAN, UPC or a JAN. This then results in multiple separate ASINs, which may get merged together at any point in the future.

However, as long as the product is really identical and not a generic PL item sold by different sellers, then what you described above could work. Just be careful.