Can't Print Lables while ShipmentPlan Creation

I just list 2 products. Bought from same distributer. Now i am creating shipping plan. One shipping plan is giving me labels to prints. On other hand second shipping plan is not giving me any labels. There ASIN and FNSKU are same. I also attached both pictures that how amazon is showing me for one product no labeling is required. Can any one guide me

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Hello @Faraz97,

thank you for posting into our forum. It seems like you selected the option to use the manufacturer’s barcode when creating the shipment.

Whenever you are sending inventory into Amazon FBA, you are given the option to either use the original manufacturer’s barcode (UPC or EAN) or to print FNSKU barcodes, which need to be manually placed over any existing barcodes to cover them.

Both options are correct and it’s up to you how you will prep your inventory.

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