Cancellation of Professional selling plan fee

Hi guys. I just registered to sell on Amazon UK and apparently I registered under a Professional selling plan, however I wanted under an Individual selling plan. Now Amazon has a 25 GBP payment due till Sep 30th. I didn’t even complete the CC verification, nor added listings or any other activity. The account is 4 days old. I already requested a downgrade and it will complete with next month, but how can I cancel that subscription fee for professional plan.?I never wanted it in first place. Thanks

If you would like to downgrade your account’s selling plan, follow this link and click on “Downgrade”:

and then open a case with the Seller Support, requesting to have any prior subscription fees refunded:

Thank you for taking the time to answer, anglozone.
Yesterday, I adressed my issue to customer support team by opening a case and thankfully, they understood that it was an error and refunded me.
My payment balance in my amazon account shows zero now. I guess I am ok now, right?
I Should pay better attention in future when clicking links​:no_mouth::expressionless: