Can your competitors order from you?

Hi folks,

do you think other sellers on the same product can order your item and report counterfeit just to mess up your account?


Of course they can.


Yes, it’s possible for competitors to order your item and falsely report it as counterfeit to harm your account.


Absolutely happens more than you think


While it’s theoretically possible for competitors to engage in such tactics, online marketplaces typically have measures in place to verify the authenticity of counterfeit claims. However, it’s essential to maintain good business practices, provide clear product information, and adhere to platform guidelines to minimize the risk of false reports affecting your account.


Yes they can and yes they do. Ever notice a max order limit on an item? This prevents competitors from ordering all your units or a large amount of units and forcing you to go out of stock, especially during the holidays.

Those sketching sellers will sometimes order all the inventory and then cancel an order or return all the items after the holidays.


Yes, that happens all the time.

All you can do is be aware of who is selling what. Make sure you have a good awareness of what is actually going on around you.
Collect all information regarding the seller(s) because some times they jump off the listing and will not be found. When your account is shut down they reappear.

The most commons threats are from:

  1. Activists
  2. Competitors
  3. Scammers

It is always good to know exactly who your enemies are and who runs the organization that is propagating the hate towards your company / products.


Unfortunately it appears that this is how bad Amazon has become. Amazon does nothing to protect seller accounts and the integrity of their marketplace. We can’t even get a simple buyer ban option that might at least drastically slow down what your competitor is doing to you. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before someone targets me in my highly competitive niche.

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That does not work, they will just use another account. That is where you need to have an automated shipping database so you can track down the bad actors. It does give you significant protection on ebay, they will NRU them when you present all the user IDs’ and other for fact information. They do take that crap VERY seriously. Amazon, it is win-win regardless if your a victim of hate speech or libel. If it was a loss to amazon they would do something about it.

If more sellers would take legal action and defend against the libel this would stop. You do realize that if you are selling with free shipping and free returns the buyer is not damaged in any way.

So, you have a good case, hate speech or libel, let your attorney decide that one.

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Unfortunately, defamation is literally the most expensive cause of action to pursue and no attorney is going to take your case on a conditional fee basis. Just filling a complain to retrieve the poster’s identity will cost you around $20k.