Can you really sell and get ungated with retailer invoices?

I understand that it’s not ok to get ungated with a retailer invoice. Could you please develop on this subject more?

I have no intention to break any Amazon’s rules, but these kind of advises are evrewhere, so I’m trying what other people did, with the mention that I’m buing the stock from the legit suppliers only, othervise there is no margin.

Your support is much appreciated.

Nothing wrong and nothing will happen if you try they will either reject ot approve you can try many things but some things I would keep to myself rather showing what and where you are u ungating. Nice to be helpful but don’t shoot yourself in the foot attracting competitors. As some are so bad they will tank anything and soon you might regret sharing brand names and stores online. Keep your margins safe :slight_smile:

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Then amazon is not the place for you.

You need to evaluate life as you see it. Your observations show you are an honest person otherwise you would not care.

Keep in mind amazon is very sneaky and have the ability to manipulate your perception of how they really are. If amazon was really honest with people they would not have the degree of opacity that obscures how they operate.


Amazon was never a straightforward business model and they have different approaches based on the country marketplace as well. In the USA it might be difficult to get ungated in Nike using an invoice directly from Nike’s official website compared with Netherlands that is a new marketplace . It’s all about giving it a go and try try try. OA, WS always been a lottery business model despite what people are trying to say or sell to you. Your main issue will be ordered cancellation rate from retailers, Amazon is the last thing to worry about. I have up because of that. Too much hassle to find the way around it and pay for expenses VPS or try to call retailers to beg them to send my orders. Too many to consider.


Over the last few months I’ve used retailer invoices for ungating and it always works. Yiu just might need to submit invoices several times

In my experience i’ve ungated using both retail and wholesale invoices. Equally i’ve been rejected using both. As far as I know, there is nothing against Amazon T&C that you must use a wholesaler. So I don’t think you’ll be breaking the rules per se.

When you apply to ungate however, it does ask for at least x10 units from your distributor (or words to that effect. I am not by my pc to be check and be verbatim). Take what you want distributor to be.

Whether it’s the amazon person who get your ungate request not knowing the difference between a retail invoice or wholesale invoice, we’ll never know. Or whether it’s Amazon truly now accepts retail invoice, again we’ll never know.

Just know it’s not against Amazon T&Cs. the most they’ll do is reject your invoice.

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