Can you really make decent money on Amazon?


I’m new to this forum. I recently joined because I’m interested to know if I can make enough money as a decent sideline to start with? There are so many guru influencers making millions, but is it actually true for ordinary, average sellers?

I’m aware it’s going to take effort on my part and my expectations are realistic!

Anything is possible as long as you have patience and dedication anyone can make a good income.

Most people don’t put in the work after the first month.

I’m looking into FBA and would like to earn upwards of £500 per month as a sideline, and need to earn £3000 upwards per month if it was my sole income, I understand that I would need to initially outlay and then reinvest any profits for the first year before even looking to make my lower end of the scale. I’m taking an informative online course that isn’t expensive, and seems conservative (prefer that option for now)

Can I ask:

Average initial investment?

Is 6-12 months before taking any profit viable?

How many products did it take you before you found success, if any?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


You would be better off becoming a “guru influencer”. Its easy just parrot what they are saying, add your own twist to it. Not kidding, ALL of them are full of BS and spewing entertainment quality information. If they could actually make money on amazon they would not be telling others “how to get rich”

Secret to success is do your own research and follow your own path, so many are peddling lies its not even funny.

Yes, at one time you could make REALLY good money selling on amazon. Key point is, WAS at one time (past tense). I am not sure if your native language is English so my comments might not make sense.

You do your homework well and you will make some money. It will always be mediocre at best due to how amazon manipulates sellers and blatant fact that the number of sellers out numbers buyers by a huge number.

Keep in mind if you do find an extremely good selling item that is profitable you will be attacked by other sellers and possibly amazon. Then all your hard work is gone for ever. In other words, do not go out of your way and over expose yourself based upon profits derived from amazon.


Absolutely. If you’re seeking someone to gain knowledge from, there are honest professional service providers who will tell you that they earn by working for others. You should steer clear of those gurus with bogus screenshots, just looking to take your money and sell you a dream.


I know that companies like that exist too, but in my experience, many are just scammers from a select few countries who take your money and run.

You have a realistic approach that will really stand to u. I started pretty small and made a lot of mistakes but depending on ur initial investment then you numbers are most definitely possible. If u started with £4-5k and compounded for a year and then when u have systems and good products in place added additional finances then you should be able to comfortably pull put £1-2k a month.

You question sounds like u are lookin at private label. It requires significantly more investment and while it has the greatest returns it also carries the greatest risks and ot something I would encourage someone starting out to begin with. Arbitrage while it has its issues; is a safer option to learn within. I started with £200 doin retail arbitrage. I now do all models across Europe and US and have to say wholesale is what I love the best. Happy to chat further if u have any questions


Thanks for taking the time to respond to me. Yes I have been looking at private label, and noted retail arbitrage, and the idea it requires a smaller start up investment. Do you have any suggestions for a good starting point, if I’m wanting to take a more detailed look into this?

Hello, you can definitely make very good money but it takes some time especially if this is not your full time occupation. I was in the same position so I used a DFY system which takes care of 90% of the business which gives me all the flexibility I need without investing to much time.

If you talk about private label it will take you upwards of 6 months before you even see a Return if you count in ppc, marketing etc…this is why I only sell brand items and don’t have to spent a single cent on ads etc. And the return in investment is much quicker.