Can you get deactivated for creating a generic listing of a brand that is gated and requires LOA?

I have a product for which it’s now gated and the old existing listings were either hacked and changed or deleted by Amazon.

My only option is to list it as generic but don’t want to get deactivated with all the craziness that is going on.

Anyone have any experience with this?

If the item is branded, then you can’t list it as generic to circumvent Amazon’s restrictions. You should list the product after matching it to its correct existing listing using the GTIN identifier.

In case the listing is badly created, you can try to have it corrected by opening a Seller Support case.


Do not use Generic brand for listing.Amazon has strict policies in place to protect brand integrity and prevent unauthorized listings.

If a brand is gated and requires LOA, it’s crucial to provide the necessary documentation and follow the proper procedures to list your product under

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