Can you do a PPC campaign on an individual account if you don’t have the professional account?

Hi everyone,

I am doing wholesale and trying to get first sales and reviews.

Also for fulfillment by merchant, when an order comes does amazon send me the shipping label to print out and ship?


1)You can run PPC campaigns on both Individual and Professional Seller accounts on Amazon. 2)For (FBM) orders you are responsible for purchasing and printing shipping labels.

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Thanks for your response!

  1. It doesn’t say anywhere where I can run my ppc campaign on my individual account? When I go to advertising tab it only says prime exclusive discounts.

  2. if it says “shipping credit” that means the buyer pays shipping and then amazon sends me a label to print right?


First you Skip prime exclusive discounts in the advertising tab. look for options like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Display.You still buy and print the label yourself.

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For the prime exclusive discounts area, there is no option for sponsored products, brands etc. It just shows a button “create discount”.

it says buyer pays shipping, and it tells me shipping credit? So if it is that way, when an order comes through amazon sends me the shipping label and print and ship?

In the first launch stage you need to run a ppc campaign and some giveaways to build reviews after the PPC campaign your product will be organically ranked on the first page then you will decrease the bid price.

Yes, you can do PPC campaigns on both Individual and Professional seller accounts both have slight differences in features.

Quick tip; make sure you have done your keyword research, have optimized listing, and got at least 15-20 product reviews already before running some PPC.

You’ll be throwing your money on fire only without these.

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Ok thanks,

How long does it take for the ppc campaign to take rank your product on first page?

Is there a paid way for people to buy your product and give a review?

Ok thank you for the input! I will wait for organic sales then?

I print the shipping label that amazon sends me?