Can you buy your new Amazon account for $5000?

I posted on Amazon’s Instagram page to ask for help with account deactivation. “Abdullah8575758” contacted me with a WhatsApp link and offered to sell me a new account.

Will this work on Amazon? How should I make the payment to be protected against scams?

Are there any existing FBA stores for sale around $5,000?

You really should be careful when dealing with offers like the one from “Abdullah8575758” to sell you a new Amazon seller account. Amazon is super strict about not allowing the sale or transfer of seller accounts, and getting involved in such stuff can get your account suspended or into other kinds of trouble. I strongly recommend you stay away from this offer.

If you’re having issues with your Amazon seller account, the best thing to do is to just reach out to Amazon’s official support channels directly. You can contact Amazon Seller Support through your seller account, or you can head to their website to find the right contact info. They can help sort things out for you.


You can only purchase the whole business to facilitate a transfer in accordance with Amazon policy. Even in such case, you still need to be very cautious about the circumstances and origin of the account.