Can someone pls break this down for me?

Newbie here so forgive me if the answers aren’t obvious for me.!

The only thing I seem to understand is that I made $51.92 in sales but the rest has me dumbfounded.

Thank you to the experts in advance.

So 29.06 is the fees you pay Amazon for those sales…

The account level reserve of 26.33 is you money Amazon will hold for a short period of time. This is in case you have returns etc or if you get other Amazon charges before they are due to pay you, they will take from this money and then pay you any left over. Once the date come to pay out, if that 26.33 is still showing then this is what Amazon will pay you to your bank account.

Amazon pay out automatically 2 times a month. Depending on your last payout date. Once the money becomes payable you can either wait for the auto payment or you can request it yourself. This will reset your payment date.