Can someone please suggest me how can I get this insurance done?

I’m a UK seller selling in the USA for 1 year approximately

My business is registered in the UK

We sell household categories only

And we do Retail arbatrige only

do I really need it ?

They will not let you carry on selling otherwise. Make sure the insurance hits all the values mentioned also.

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Just google insurance for amazon sellers and the type of insurance it is.

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If I take just the public cover and product cover up to 1m is it going to be ok ?

My US turnover is less then 100k and I sell on grocery and Household item

Can help you with this as we have cover.

Policy Bee provides this cover and the necessary paperwork which mentions Amazon in the paperwork which is a requirement. Also it’s a U.K. company.

It is 100% necessary, if you don’t do it, Amazon remove you from selling.

If you do decide to go with them, I have a referral code, it’s only a £20 cheque sent to us both if you take the policy, but every little helps. The referral link is:

Hope that helps.