Can someone help me with my account?

I’m doing something wrong. I have been getting at least four sales a day and my balance is going down I’m super confused.

Amazon Pay is an online payment service that makes checkout on a website fast and secure for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers around the world.

You want to know what’s happening to your payment information.

Seller Central > Menu > Payments > Payments > Transaction View

Transaction View

The Transaction View page displays the account transactions within a statement period, up until the prior day’s close. A transaction can be an order, a refund, or an Amazon-initiated charge or credit.


Have you consulted a marketing expert? Seems like your expenses for PPC and FBA fees are cutting from your earnings. You need to adjust your pricing and advertising strategy accordingly.

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If FBA then it’s probably going into account level reserve.

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Check your transaction summary as @FunkyMonkey says. It can be because of high ppc spend as well or maybe some coupons.

You will find answer from transaction view, buy you need to check it from your computer. The app is not accurate.

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For which model?

It’s important to review your transaction overview statements to understand where the balance is going. Track expenses, ensure pricing covers costs, and monitor for any unexpected charges. Optimize your sales strategy, focusing on higher-margin products or upselling. Consider setting aside a portion of daily sales as savings to maintain a healthy balance. Seek professional financial advice if the issue persists.

Thank you @FunkyMonkey and everyone who chimed in. I just realized that my shipping charges are coming out of my balance when I saw it going down :weary:


You are welcome, and best wishes…

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