Can someone direct me to anything that would help me get a better understanding of private label vs brand?

After months of working our Amazon business, I’m still not 100% clear about “private label” vs “brand”. When we first started, we looked at a Covergirl product. One of the extensions we use suggested it could be private label, this was based on the fact there were so few sellers. I understand the extension is making that assessment based on the number of sellers.

Based on my, at that time, very limited knowledge, I assumed Covergirl was not private label. I came to that conclusion only because I’m familiar with Covergirl, it’s VERY big. For that reason only, I assumed it’s a brand. We are ungated for Covergirl, so we jumped on the listing and had not problems. Last evening, I Googled private label vs brand. I read one article that described Nike as a very successful private label. I stopped right there as that alone was confusing to me. In my research for products to sell, I often run across something that might be private label as indicated by an extension or 2. I’m sure I’ve passed up on several I would have had no problem jumping on.

When you are planning to launch a new product with your own brand name which is registered under trademark is called private label.

Brand is that which already exist in marketplace and have well known products just like NIKE is a PL but if they are giving approval to resale products then you can say its brand they will give you authority to sell their products.