Can some help me with my thermal printer settings can get it to print the correct size

Sadly, I never managed to learn how to print the FNSKU barcodes properly either.

I am using a regular laser printer and I have to print the labels on ordinary non-sticky paper, cut them out manually with scissors and then place them on the products using a transparent tape.

Hi @jcutt

I have a Dymo LabelWriter 4XL and use Dymo Multi-Purpose Labels 30334. I published a “how to” document on Amazon Seller Forum, but I can’t find it.

You can’t send all your labels to print in your Shipping Plan at once. You need print one FNSKU at a time x the number of labels (= pages) you need.

Just found this on my old computer disk drive. The process should work the same. (I’m having trouble copying the original. You may have to expand this. I will keep trying.)


What was the price of the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL? I would love to get a printer that prints labels on adhesive paper, so that I don’t have to cut them out using scissors but I am not even sure if these would be available in my country or compatible with iPad.

If you get a printer that is wifi and networking compatible you should be able to connect it to your ipad using your router. I don’t have an ipad, and don’t believe they have an ethernet connector. Not sure about the driver situation with those either.

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IPads don’t have hardware connectors apart from Apple-only ones. Normally printers which are compatible with iPads display “ePrinter” logos on their packaging. From my experience, 99% of professional office printers won’t connect to an iPad. Only the most expensive hobby printers for home do. It costs so much to operate the ones I currently have.

How much does it normally cost to print let’s say 100 x A4 of written content?

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I bought the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL many yeas ago. At the time I paid about $500 for it.

Because I knew we couldn’t live without it, I purchased another when they were on sale a few years ago for about $350. It’s still sitting in the box.

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How about this one? You can’t go wrong with Zebras, I have one although it is hard wired to my pc.

I haven’t tried this one with my iPad Pro but see no reason why it won’t work. The blurb states it works with iOS.

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Thank you, I will have a look. Does it print FNSKU barcodes as well?

I don’t see why not, you just need to choose the correct settings and the correct labels.

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When the main one dies you will be very happy that you have a spare.

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When the main one dies you will be very happy that you have a spare.

Yes. That was the whole purpose. We also have a new HP LaserJet P1102w in the box next to it. :grin:

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Okay, thank you @skeeter, @FunkyMonkey and @AmazonUKForumRefugee, I will let you guys know once I get the printer and if I have any difficulty setting it up.