Can not send new FBA shipments

Long time US FBA seller. Starting yesterday, I am getting this message for all the new FBA inventories we are trying to send:

This product must be removed from the shipment because there are currently no fulfillment centers in the destination country capable of receiving the product.

We sell in only one category. Absolutely nothing different from all other items that we are replenishing. I have couple cases open about this, but can get to the root of the problem. Does any one have same issue? Any idea?


I’ve run into similar issues. Mostly being told the that there were too many already in the warehouse. even though I had the only products.

Only Amazon knows the root cause of this problem. Make sure you are dealing with them in writing, and don’t open multiple cases about the same topic. If you are not getting anywhere, you might politely ask them to escalate this to the next level.

Keep us posted.


Thank you for the assurances, I am glad to know that I am not the only one. Have you eventually managed to get this resolved?

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You’re welcome.

Over a period of time, the problem fixed itself. I know how frustrating it is, Hopefully this will work itself out.