Can my son create an Amazon FBA account and run his business from home with me

Obviously some of the items would be the same as my account.

If not what is the work around? I don’t want the accounts to be linked and want to adhere to amazon rules.

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Yes, he can although he may have issues with verification as he may not have utility bills in his name.

He will need to sell items in completely different categories to yours.

There is no workaround as Amazon would assume, with some justification, that you would be trying to circumvent the rules.

I can’t, personally, see any benefit of selling the same items. Remember that any purchasing invoices would need to be in your son’s name/company.


Creating multiple accounts with the same information and on the same wifi may result in the accounts being banned at any time. Be careful.


Before you do anything with your son, get permission from Amazon first. It’s somewhere in the Amazon terms but I’m not sure it where because it’s been a long time since I read it. Note that even with written permission people have had to fight to maintain their linked accounts. At Amazon, it is not unheard of for one not know what the other hand is doing, so to speak.

Remember, Amazon has had this please forever: One account per household. If the second account is allowed, which means no sharing of categories, which means, no sharing of products.


This is a very bad idea. The account will be considered as yours and you are not allowed to operate multiple accounts selling the same items within the same household.

New accounts are more likely to get suspended over anything, including automated account review. And if this happens, your main account will be affected as well.


Will he use the same information of the address as you used for your account? If so, it will create account linkage issues and you both end up losing accounts

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I think sharing the same adress is a big no.

No don’t create an account with the same address

No. You can sometimes get away with it if the accounts never sell the same asin but still risky.

With the same address and shared internet it may cause the suspension of your account. He can open his own account once he moves elsewhere and gets his own address proof.

Good luck…