Can I use strap to secure individual boxes to be send to FBA?

I don’t mean to use strap to bundle them together, I mean strap on each box separately.

Thank you

No. The following information can be found in the Article Shipping and routing requirements.

Avoiding the following also helps ensure shipments arrive ready for intake to Amazon fulfillment centers:

  • Don’t use string, straps, or over-wrap (plastic or paper),

As @FunkyMonkey says, you cannot use straps to secure individual boxes to be sent to FBA. Amazon does not allow the use of straps or tape to bundle boxes together, even if they are individual boxes. This is because straps and tape can damage the boxes during shipping and handling.

Amazon’s FBA packaging requirements state that boxes must be:

Made of strong, sturdy material

Taped shut with at least two pieces of shipping tape

Not covered in tape

Not bundled together with straps or tape

If you need to secure individual boxes, you can use packing tape to seal the flaps closed. You can also use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to cushion the boxes and prevent them from shifting during shipping.