Can i give my seller account access in the pakistan

I am in the UK can I give my seller account and sandbox account username and password in Pakistan for the Amazon pay setting service? is any violation by Amazon if anyone opens my account in Pakistan?

best regards

Sharing your Amazon seller account username and password with someone in Pakistan or any other location can pose significant security risks. It is against Amazon’s policies to share your account credentials with anyone, as it can lead to unauthorized access, potential fraud, or misuse of your account.

Amazon has strict security measures in place to protect seller accounts and transactions. Sharing your login credentials with someone in another country may trigger security alerts and potentially lead to the suspension or closure of your account due to suspicious activity.

If you require assistance with your Amazon Pay settings or any other aspect of your seller account, it is best to follow official channels and contact Amazon Seller Support directly. They can provide guidance and support while ensuring the security and integrity of your account.

Remember to always prioritize the security of your account by keeping your login credentials confidential and avoiding sharing them with anyone, regardless of their location.