Can I get away with 5 5 star reviews from family on my first 5 products sold?

This would be only first 5 products.

I’m hoping it’s too low to raise a flag or even get noticed. Everything after that will be legit review only.

If not, what can I get away with before getting noticed? How does Amazon detect if the reviews are legit?

That is against the rules and ToS. Do not recommend.


You may get away with this but don’t risk your account. Amazon is extra strict on new sellers.




Thank you all. Good to know

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I sympathize because it’s so hard to sell with zero feedback or reviews. I did kind of the same 20 years ago, but that was 20 years ago… I used to buy for myself, review some (in earnest), then 2 years later would want to get rid of it & sell it, and forgot (or not) all about my review which I wrote when I was only the buyer of it, not seller. Anyway, I got away with it back then. However, oddly, about 5 or 6 years ago I got a shock, receiving a serious warning saying they detected that either I or friends might have placed 1 or more review(s) for things I sell. It was very vague and I hadn’t placed any new review in years, and they gave no indication which item(s) it was! No idea (so I couldn’t even remove the review if it was mine). I wonder if it could be a trick of Amazon to once in a while send this vague random warning to dissuade us & make us think they would be able to detect it!..

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I have never placed any orders for my own products and neither of my family members have a seller account, but I still occasionally receive these warnings as well.

It’s the best to be careful. Why would anyone risk their account over a few reviews which still don’t guarantee sales?

For some reason, I have always been lucky enough to receive lots of product reviews on my listings naturally.

If you continue selling, then eventually you will receive the reviews as well.

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