Can I disable the Payment Initiated emails?

I’m setting up Amazon Pay sandbox for my Magento store. After I submit test orders, I get 2 emails from Amazon Pay: a “Payment Initiated” email and a “Charge Notification” email. Is there a way to disable/turn off the “Payment Initiated” email somewhere?

To disable the “Payment Initiated” email in the Amazon Pay sandbox for your Magento store, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access your Amazon Seller Central account.
  2. Go to the “Integration” section or the “Amazon Pay” settings.
  3. Look for the email notification settings related to payment events or order notifications.
  4. Find the option that corresponds to the “Payment Initiated” email and disable it.
  5. Save your changes to apply the new settings.

Please note that the exact steps and location of the email notification settings may vary depending on the version of Magento and the specific configuration of your Amazon Pay integration. It’s recommended to refer to the Amazon Pay documentation or reach out to their support for more detailed instructions specific to your setup.

Additionally, keep in mind that the sandbox environment is used for testing purposes, and some features or options may not be available or fully configurable compared to the live production environment.