Can anyone recommend someone to do our ppc?

We can’t afford £500 a month.

Looking for recommendations only please

First, make sure you have a list of the most relevant keywords and pepper those through your title, bullet points and description. You want the images and A+ Content to be as beautiful as possible and collect up about 10 reviews before even beginning PPC

PPC tends to be way over complicated and it doesn’t need to be. You should be looking to have as many keywords as possible at low bids (not suggested bid price) then over time, just remove keywords which are spending money but not bringing sales of at least 4 ROAS.

If you’re spending hundreds of pounds on ppc. You’re doing this completely wrong. Most products on average tend to only require £15 a day on ppc each.

Ignore the douche bag youtube gurus telling you to spend £100 a day on ppc. This is a sign that they are clueless on ppc set up and management!

Happy to help if you’re still stuck!