Can anyone recommend a good VPN that really works?

It seems like NordVPN is a joke! No matter which IP country I select, my location still shows my real location.

Is there anyone using a VPN that changes the location as soon as it is activated, when Googling “what is my location”?

You may wanna try Proton VPN it’s free for JP, US, & NL servers, works like a charm for me.

They have finger printed your browser and box.
Your ISP also sells your data so it does not really matter if you are on a VPN or not.

Also, you might have a cache full of google tracking.

Some VPN’s are dirty, you are better off NOT using a VPN unless you have specific need that requires a dedicated point to point and use private network, like your home to your office type scenario.


Unfortunately, I don’t think that using a VPN to access your Amazon Seller Account is a good idea. They may not deactivate your account now, but in case anything goes wrong or you attract a velocity review, your VPN will be noted as a suspicious factor indicating fraudulent activity.

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