Can anyone point me to an expert who can help me here please?

One of our products has been de-listed across all the Amazon markets we work on because it has a small battery on the circuit board. Amazon have asked that we fill in an Exemption sheet about this product but the process is confusing to me. I don’t understand the context of the questions on that sheet and I am not sure if I need to upload a separate sheet for all markets (e.g. one in French, in Italian, in Swedish etc.).

Generally you just need to upload once in any marketplace - if this is a compliance document. When they asked for CE stuff in the early days they actually specified only to upload it once to avoid confusion. Having done a REACH compliance request recently, that was only marketplace I had to upload it and it got applied to all once approved.

Can’t help about the battery/exemption - sorry.


Your product first needs to comply with necessary regulations such as REACH, RoHS, etc. I can tell exact list of tests only if I know full details of the product - name, pictures, specifications, materials used, use of product, age group of user, countries you sell it in etc.

Next, your product may need CE marking (CE is not certification, by the way).

If you are not in EU, but selling in EU, you also need EU Authorised Representative (for compliance purposes only as per regulation from July 2021).

If you sell in several EU countries, you also need to have instruction manuals in all languages (again as per mandatory regulation).