Can acknowledging infringement complaint damage my account?

I’m in my first year of selling, I received my first IPP complaint, received helpful information in this forum some time ago, as to the next steps. However, what is the damaging result if I acknowledge the IPP complaint?

…ultimately due to me having a in-store receipt from TJ Maxx, but I peeled off the stickers and didn’t take any photos before sending the product in so my documentation will not be accepted. 

Please advise

I’ve seen a lot of Twitter/Reels/TikToks of “gurus” pushing Marshalls/TJ Max on people.

I’ve seen them recommend stuff that sells 2 items a month telling people they can make $20 profit per item. I’ve seen them push backpacks and lunch boxes (which require extra documentation). One of them was even pimping a brand that IPs hard. Yall are in for a world of hurt trusting these jokers. I highly doubt these gurus are actually selling this stuff. They are just making content for views. Please be careful and really dig down and do your own research, otherwise you are very close to a deactivation.

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You have to submit the appeal with proper documentation. No other way to fix this IP complaint!

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Thank vou. That’s what I figured