Can a customer say a product is illegal?

Hey everyone,

I jumped on a listing already existing on amazon, now a customer says this product is illegal to be sold in the uk and will report us.

Its not my listing so wonder if I can be in trouble?

Is it illegal to be sold in UK?

Does not matter if you created the listing or not so if it is illegal to sell in the uk then do not sell it. Btw why it is illegal?

Botox without license. I didn’t know. I’ve already removed my listing.

Botox? How the hell do some of your newbies source this stuff?

Newbie mistake.

Anyone else selling that?

Botox is a prescription only product so that would be correct.

Hopefully that becomes a lesson for you.

You are responsible for whatever you place on the market. If you don’t do your research every time, you will get into serious trouble very soon.