Can a customer retract authenticity complaint?

If customers sent an authenticity complain on product for no reason how do we approach him/her to retract the complaint?

Please guide


This is one of the more serious complaints.

I had one once and Amazon would not accept my distributors invoice even though they do for ip complaints.

They ended up destroying $1800 of inventory.

I did not contact the customer because I had no idea what customer it was.

My guess is that a previous customer returned a bogus item, which Amazon didn’t inspect, then sent this bogus item to a new customer who then complained.

My experience was different. I got an authenticity complaint from customer. I got those products from Sephora so I knew those were not counterfeit. I submitted all my invoices/ receipts that I had and they removed that complaint.

Also, I read somewhere that when Amazon told someone that Walmart sell counterfeit products. Seller e- mailed to amazon that products were sourced from Walmart and there was no third party seller involved, and forwarded that e-mail to Walmart compliance department and then rest is history

I’ve gotten 12 of these in the last three months. All have come from the brand owner. Since Amazon sales have slowed down with the bad economy. Brands are not allowing third party sellers on listings that they are selling on. That info come from Amazon

Then isn’t it better option to Acknowledge the complaint?

I submitted multiple disputes and in the end I had to agree they were counterfeit to get the complaint removed/

Thats what another seller told me.

I hated agreeing that they were counterfeit when they weren’t.

At that point they had already been destroyed.