Campaign Spend, Clicks & General Reporting on Campaigns

I have been running auto and manual campaigns for about a week and I do not seem to be getting any spend, clicks etc. on my manual campaigns. I have adjusted the bids and on about 5 keywords my listing is on page 1 but I am still not receiving clicks, impressions or any anything else. Can anyone advise on this?

Do you have Amazon’s suggested bids in your Auto campaigns or even more than what Amazon suggests?
How many products you have in Auto Campaign?

To just test I will bid significantly higher in Auto campaign and have atleast 5-10 related products. I will first troubleshoot Auto campaign and then look at why manual is not resulting in any clicks.
Could you blank out important parts of screen and share screen shot form campaign manager ? If there is traffic for keywords you are targeting and bid is right then you should atleast see impressions in stats.

Thanks for replying @Haley ! I have just found out the problem after over a week of troubleshooting. My date range was set to a custom range which was before I started running manuals and why it was only showing partial amount of auto. Wow! At least ill never do that again haha

Good on you that you found that. Another more common mistake we all can do is to try searching for a campaign in search box and then forget to clear it. Also applying some kind of filter and then wondering where rest of campaigns disappeared. Good luck with your campaign.