Campaign manager error

Got message
“Your ad is not eligible for impressions because your listing is not in the buy box.”
Started case and was told skus would be refreshed to fix error.
Still not working.

Encountering the message “Your ad is not eligible for impressions because your listing is not in the buy box” can be frustrating, especially when you’ve already taken steps to address the issue. Here are some additional insights and steps you can take to further resolve this problem:

  1. Understanding the Buy Box: The Buy Box is the section on Amazon product detail pages where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts. Listings that qualify for the Buy Box generally have a strong combination of price, availability, fulfillment, and customer metrics.
  2. Listing Relevance: Make sure that your product listing is well-optimized and relevant to the keywords you’re targeting in your advertising campaigns. An accurate and high-quality product listing can contribute to a better chance of winning the Buy Box.
  3. Price and Competition: The price of your product is a significant factor in Buy Box eligibility. Compare your product’s price to similar products from competitors. If your price is too high, it could impact your ability to win the Buy Box.
  4. Fulfillment Method: Ensure that your product is eligible for the fulfillment method you’ve chosen (Fulfilled by Amazon or Seller Fulfilled). Listings that are fulfilled by Amazon tend to have a higher chance of winning the Buy Box due to Amazon’s reliable shipping and customer service.
  5. Inventory and Availability: Keep your inventory levels updated and ensure that your products are available to ship. Listings with low stock might have difficulty winning the Buy Box.
  6. Seller Performance Metrics: Maintain good seller metrics, including order defect rate, late shipment rate, and more. Strong seller metrics contribute positively to Buy Box eligibility.
  7. Competitor Analysis: Study your competitors who are currently winning the Buy Box for your product. Analyze their pricing, fulfillment methods, and listing quality to gain insights into what might be influencing their success.
  8. Contact Amazon Support Again: Since your issue hasn’t been resolved after the initial response, it’s worth reaching out to Amazon support again. Provide them with detailed information about your efforts to address the problem and ask for specific guidance on how to proceed.
  9. Be Patient: Sometimes, updates and refreshes in Amazon’s systems can take a bit of time to fully propagate. While it’s frustrating, it might be necessary to wait a little longer to see the desired changes take effect.
  10. Consider Professional Help: If the problem persists and you’re unable to resolve it on your own, you might consider seeking assistance from Amazon consultants or professionals who specialize in Amazon seller support.

Remember that resolving such issues often requires a combination of patience, persistence, and attention to detail. By understanding the factors that contribute to Buy Box eligibility and continuously improving your product listing and seller metrics, you can work towards resolving the “not eligible for impressions” issue and enhancing your product’s visibility on Amazon.