California reseller permit

Hello all,

I am new in amazon and now I want to get reseller permit for my business. Should I submit it back or no this is the permit after filling ?

I would not worry about a permit until you start to actually make money and see how that goes. Once you get a business permit you have to get a CPA to manage EVERYTHING. Being compliant with CA law is expesive, much more to getting a permit. You really need to find a local CPA and sit down with them and discuss your plans.


Thank you. I am trying to read and learn as much as I can before starting to sell. My goal is to be 100% compliant with laws and Amazon policies to prevent account deactivation :slight_smile:


Yes, make sure you speak with an attorney that practices business law in addition to a CPA. Both are mandatory, please do not rely upon stuff you hear “on the street” or anything on the “internet”.


Sure, I will. Thank you for your help @skeeter

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