Brands can start A/B tests faster with the new “Manage your experiments” experience

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

We’ve launched a new simplified experience to manage your experiments (MYE). The optimal settings to get started with your A/B tests are now preselected for you. Which means that you can spend less time setting up experiments and more time creating great content that will drive sales.

Once you enter the B-version of your content and click “Schedule experiment”, the following settings will be selected by default:

  • Duration: Experiment to significance. The experiment automatically concludes when there’s enough data to declare a winner. Which eliminates the wait for the entire test duration to conclude.
  • Publication: Auto-publish. Once a test concludes, we automatically update your product listing.
  • Start: Once validation completes.

As an advanced user, you can manually update your experiment settings. Click the “View settings” toggle to go in and make changes.

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