Branded product having someone else’s store name in front of product title

Hi all, I’m new to FBA can someone just clear something up for me please 🙂 if an item has the sellers name before the listing title, and has there sellers name as the brand can you use thay asin number or not? Is then classed as there private lable? I’ve seen alot of product like this. Thank you in advance

If the seller’s name is before the listing title and has their name as the brand, you can use that ASIN number. However, if the brand is not the same as the one on the listing, you cannot list it under that ASIN.

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Hello @Flavia

The seller is using their name to establish it as their brand. That may or may not be true. Either way, the seller may report you for a violation.

In addition, if the sellers name and/or brand is on the packaging, you cannot list under it. If this is a product out of China, search the title to see how many listings for the same product are already out there.

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