Brand ownership after change of legal entity

Hello! If i change my seller central account from personal to business (LLC) and my brand is registered under my personal name, do i have to change brand ownership to LLC? Brand is approved at brand amazon registry under personal name.

I am assuming you have already passed seller verification.

Myself, sometimes it is best to leave a sleeping dog alone.

With amazon everything you do will be come an issue, we had a difficult time getting verified due to their AI is not smart enough to understand Inc. is the same as Corporation. They verified us years ago and this last time it took several times and nothing on our end changed.

Not sure what expect, just make sure ALL of your credentials are consistent spellings and can be verified from your State and Federal records. Hope for the best and do NOT do any changes close to the Christmas / Fall season. You could be locked out during an important time of the year. It would be best to do it during your slow season just incase…

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Yes, if you change your seller central account from personal to business (LLC), you should also update your brand ownership to the LLC to ensure consistency and compliance with Amazon’s policies.