Billing address not accepted when ordering from US suppliers

How do I make purchases in US stores if they ask for a Billing Address but my card is NOT American? (I do Online Arbitrage from the UK)

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Bro you can buy from retailers in oa so you not need any american bank acc or card etc. In oa we buy from retailers so there payment method is on pay pal and visa card is normally Pakistani

Unfortunately, I did not understand the entire answer but regarding the part I got, the US stores (like Walmart) ask for a billing address when you are checking out, which has to be in the US. Mine is not because I sell from abroad. That is why I wanted to know how to work around this problem so that my purchase was not declined and my card was not blacklisted

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I buy OA from the UK all the time. But, I know the retailer will ship to the USA. My billing address is the same as my shipping address. I suspect the retailers you are trying to purchase from don’t ship internationally. Take Walmart, for example:

Walmart US does not ship internationally. However, you can use a package forwarding company to ship products to your country.

These companies provide you with a US-based address to use as your shipping address. Once your order is shipped to the forwarding service’s address, they will then forward it to your international address.

Here are some package forwarding companies you can use: Global Shopaholics, Planet Express, MyUS, Borderlinx, Reship.


From my own experience, many (if not most) US retailers won’t ship internationally. This is a specific for the US. Some even block international IP addresses due to GDPR or specifically block customer registrations from other countries.


I agree. It would be really hard for most retailers to ship internationally.

I don’t automatically accept international orders. But, I do ask international shoppers to request a quote.


What I will never understand is how come that postage is so unbelievably expensive in the US (even domestic postage).

It costs me less than $2 to ship a 1st class package from Slovakia to the US.


International rates have come down a whole lot. The US Postal Service has a First-Class International Package option that costs about $28.00 to anywhere.

I recently sent a two pound package to the Ontario, Canada, via UPS and it cost $11.18. I was shocked!


That’s great to hear :slight_smile: Hoping it will soon be possible for US sellers to get similar rates as in Slovakia.


Thank you for the tip @FunkyMonkey

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You’re very welcome.

I wish you the best…

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