Best business model for a busy mom?

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I already have an Amazon Seller account set up LLC in the use and have it already. Now what to do? Do PL, wholesale/retail arbitrage or dropshipping?

Please enlighten me. I’m a busy mom I don’t have time for anything. What would be the best business model for me?

Currently, drop shipping is illegal on Amazon. Amazon is very strict about it, and users should not engage in this practice. Your seller account will be blocked and your money will be held by Amazon.

In regard to private label and wholesale, I have explained the following:

Private Label (PL):

Time-Intensive: PL involves creating your brand, sourcing products, and handling most aspects of your business. It can be more time-consuming and more investment needed.

Profit Potential: Typically, PL offers higher profit margins since you can differentiate your products.

Control: You have more control over your brand and product quality.

Wholesale/Retail Arbitrage:

Less Time-Consuming: Arbitrage involves finding and reselling existing products and require low budget as compared PL. It can be less time-intensive than PL.

Profit Margins: Profit margins are often lower than PL, but it can be a good way to start with minimal risk.

Sourcing: You’ll need to find products from wholesalers or at retail stores with discounts.


Dropshipping is allowed, but only when in accordance with Amazon policy.

If you’re a busy mom looking for a low time commitment, wholesale/retail arbitrage or dropshipping might be good options for you. They require less involvement compared to private label (PL). Just make sure to do your research and find reliable suppliers. Good luck!


It’s depend on your budget.

Minimum budget for private label 15k $

Minimum budget for wholesale 5k$

Minimum budget for online arbitrage 1000$

If you think you don’t have time for amazon and you want to do amazon. Then you can hire virtual assistant for your account handling. VA will do everything for you.

Hope it’s will be help you.



Your choice between Amazon business models depends on your budget. If you have a substantial investment, consider Amazon FBA private label, as it offers higher profitability compared to wholesale and arbitrage. However, be cautious with dropshipping, as Amazon has strict rules that can impact your business negatively.


If you have patience and long term business plan, then you should consider private label.

Choose the right product, source from alibaba , list on amazon and sell by setting your own price and enjoy 100% buy box placement without any restrictions.

Wholesale and arbitrage will give you constant struggle and your account health will always be under risk so for a busy mom it will be extra headache.


Amazing, thank you all !