Barcodes clarification

As you know there are two types of barcodes on shipping plan: amazon barcode and manufacturer barcode.

On product label there could be:

EAN: full of numbers

FNSKU: starts with X0

ASIN: starts with B0

I know that EAN is manufacturer barcode and FNSKU is amazon barcode. What about ASIN? Is it amazon barcode or manufacturer barcode?

Thank you

ASIN = Amazon Standard Identification Number. So only relevant to Amazon. It’s a code which tells Amazon what the item is.

I’ve only ever used FNSKUs on products but I guess it’s possible that the ASIN can take the form of a barcode.


Thank you for the helpful advice :slight_smile:

An Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a type of Amazon internal catalogue number. Each ASIN is unique and always associated with a particular product or product variation.

Every ASIN will be 10 digits and consist of a combination of letters and digits, and is not in the form of a barcode…

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