Bank record of amazon pay transactions

Hello, good mornig for everyone!
Like most of us, we have multiple payment methods in our eCommerce.
This makes tracking payments on each of the platforms we work with very impractical, so we prefer to check on the bank’s website (BBVA online bank).
The problem is that Amazon does not send any useful information in the observations of bank movements. What would be useful is to add exactly the same order reference that exists on the web, which in our case is PrestaShop.
Amazon has this information in its Seller Central, but the truth is that we do not know how to add it to the observations of bank movements, or if we even have that option.
If you know how or someone from Amazon sees this, please contact us.

Thank you very much, have a good day!


If you’re experiencing difficulties with the information provided in the bank statements from Amazon payments, you may need to explore alternative options to track payments more effectively. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Contact Amazon Seller Support: Reach out to Amazon Seller Support and inquire if there is an option to include order references or additional information in the bank statements. They will be able to provide you with specific guidance or information on any available options.
  2. Utilize Payment Reference Numbers: Within your PrestaShop or eCommerce platform, consider adding unique payment reference numbers or order IDs to each transaction. This will allow you to cross-reference the payments in your bank statements with the corresponding orders in your system.
  3. Use Payment Tracking Software: Consider using payment tracking software or tools that can help you reconcile and track payments across multiple payment platforms. These tools often provide features for matching payments to orders, generating reports, and streamlining the reconciliation process.
  4. Consult with Your Bank: Contact your bank, in this case, BBVA, and inquire if they offer any additional services or options to include more detailed information in your bank statements. They may have specific procedures or solutions to help you better track and reconcile payments.

Remember, it’s crucial to maintain accurate records and reconcile payments to ensure smooth financial operations. Exploring these options should help you find a suitable solution to track payments more effectively.

Please note that contacting Amazon Seller Support or your bank directly will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information tailored to your specific situation.