Balance Adjustment - Maybe an error


I received today from amazon a sum of money, about 1300 GBP in 4 transactions.
in Transaction View apear like this ( this is first line from 4) :

18 Apr 2019 Other — Balance Adjustment £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £106.92 £106.92

I do not find any other information about these deposits only Balance Adjustment and Other .

Is it possible to be a mistake and then I have to give the money back?

Honestly I do not mind that I got money, Really are helpful.

Is it an end-of-year settlement regularization? Or what do you think it could be?

It is possible to apply lower fees, we read that the fees in our category will drop from 15% to 8%.

was anyone else in this situation?

Thank you

I am regularly finding unexpected “balance adjustment” credits in the transaction view of my Seller Accounts across all Amazon marketplaces.

After calling the Seller Support, no one was ever able to give me a reason behind this and I wasn’t asked to repay it or it wasn’t withdrawn back.

I would advise you to leave it like it is, as long as it’s a positive transfer and not a withdrawal.