Badly synced duplicated listings

So, I added some description/details to a product with 5 variations through Jungle Scout that were supposed to sync to Amazon.

Unfortunately, something funky happened, and one of my ASINs was duplicated and some other weird changes happened. I spoke with an Amazon rep who told me to delete the problem listings and recreate them. I asked how the inventory would transfer and the person made it seem like an easy process; it was not.

Now, these new listings have no inventory attached, and I can’t figure out how to transfer from one deleted item to an active item.

Is this possible? Can anyone help with this?


Create removal order for the deleted ASIN and manually add inventory to the active ASIN.

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In recently did same for one of my client

You’ll have to open case with Amazon

Create removal order

Relist products

And send inventory to Amazon warehouse

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You should save the SKU prior to deleting the listing. Otherwise, you have no means to match it once the ASIN gets deleted from your inventory.

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