Avoid suspension for global selling account?

A seller acting in UK, EU and US under a global selling account, in case is suspended in UK and DE (for example) under section 3 or other violations considered important (IP, VAT issues and so…but not dropshipping), will be suspended in US too? And viceversa… If yes, is there any solution to keep markets separated? Thank you!

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Hello @Mirela,

thank you for posting into our forum. You are correct that any Seller Account deactivations enforcing serious policy violations will equally impact other international Amazon marketplaces.

The only suspensions which don’t extend across different sites are metrics related or marketplace related (when you fail to comply with local regulations that don’t apply elsewhere).

There exists no way how to detach the sites from each other. Even if these were disconnected, they would be still linked. Amazon uses numerous factors to link accounts, including e-mail address, phone number, bank account, credit card, inventory, SKU patterns, IP address usage patterns…


I’m thinking about transferring the business account in US to an Llc (which I have to open :slight_smile: ), just to be on the safe side. But on other hand, that Llc (or another EU company. maybe) it will be linked to my residential address, name, IP address…). Could this be a solution?

Once a link is created, it cannot be disconnected. Any accounts that are connected to you by either e-mail address, phone number, bank account, credit card, inventory, SKU patterns, IP address usage patterns remain on Amazon’s watchlist.

A very clever way of maintaining a backup account can be achieved by having a family member open a Seller Account using a mobile device with a sim card, that never gets linked to your main account and there are no relations - such as shared address, banking or card details, and you never access your account using that device and internet connection.

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No way to separate already linked accounts on Amazon

even if that family member lives at same address like me? And how am I supposed to access that account while we are both in the same house?

Well, you could potentially have the same address, but nothing else can match. The account must be maintained using a different device and internet connection. There can be no shared CC or banking details and inventory must be different.