Avoid negative feedback with shipping settings automation

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Shipping settings automation is an enhanced shipping template for seller-fulfilled orders that allows you to improve your delivery speed.

The template automatically calculates accurate delivery promises based on your warehouse location, your customer’s location, and up-to-date carrier transit time for the shipping services that you use.

In addition, when you enable shipping settings automation, your account is protected from negative feedback due to late deliveries if you completed the following:

  • You shipped the orders on time.
  • You provided valid tracking information.
  • You used a shipping service that matches or is faster than the shipping settings automation service that was used to calculate the delivery promise (check the method through the Order detail page or order API).
  • The order is shipped domestically.

Review your personalized Fulfillment insight dashboard to see how your delivery promise differs from your actual delivery date.

To learn more, go to Shipping settings automation and watch our video.