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I have section 3 issue, all other requested information is submitted don’t having any issue the only thing created a problem is I don’t have supply chain documents i get the order slip having all the information is there Amazon is saying that the invoice is not acceptable because there is no website info available on it and the website is saying they only can share me this type of invoice what can i do in this situation please?

Now they asking for prep agreement and email communication from the supplier.

Did you buy from a retailer or wholesaler ?

Get a prep agreement , and did you purchase online the stock ?

It’s hard to read this photo.

How I will do agreement with prep center?

By working with a prep center and requesting an agreement…

I buy from the brand’s retail website. They give me the invoice, stating it’s the only type they provide. Amazon is telling me that the invoice is not acceptable unless the website shows their address, name, and other details. How should I deal with this?