Authenticity complaint

Hi everyone,

I have been selling on Amazon since the start of 2022, it was all good to go but I just received an inauthenticity complaint about 3 products. I have the invoice from my suppliers and the invoice of their supplier however since the prices they were offering were not being offered by the supplier to me I ordered from them, 3 brands are Sharpie, Ryobi, and Zo Skin Care.

Now I am a bit skeptical, Since I have reviewed that Amazon isn’t accepting several invoices what do I do? do I submit the information I have or have it scrutinized? Please guide me about the matter as I am scared of the outcome, and everything that I own is on the line. I feel that since all units aren’t sold I should remove them and look for another option even if I supply authenticity proof can there be an inverse situation?

Amazon takes product authenticity very seriously, so it’s essential to be proactive in addressing this complaint. Work closely with Amazon Seller Support, provide all the documentation you have, and be prepared to make changes to your sourcing and listing practices if necessary.


tell all the details to the Amazon and get the guidance and remove the listing if necessary


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What does this mean? Who is your supplier?

I feel that since all units aren’t sold I should remove them and look for another option

is the remaining inventory in Amazon’s Fulfillment centers?

It depends on which rep you received… Once I submitted the same invoice to amazon.

One rep said they accepted invoice and the warning would be gone. The other rep said they can’t verify the invoice…

Thank you

I see

A friend of mine placed the order on my behalf to secure good pricing. There are no invoices in my name as we arranged everything in cash.

Account is under review and I cannot remove them

Contact to the Amazon seller center, as it vary from case to case…