ASIN mixed up

Hi everyone,

After some help please.

I have sent a product into Amazon using the wrong ASIN. Is there a way I can change the items I have sent to be associated with the correct ASIN?

Hi @KristenWilliamso

You might try to have them relabeled for a fee. Emphasis on might.

Wrong item sent product compliance

Because sending the wrong item is a serious mistake, I would be prepared to remove them as soon as they are received into your inventory.


Unfortunately, once a product is sent to Amazon with the wrong ASIN, it cannot be directly changed to associate it with the correct ASIN. Each ASIN represents a unique product identifier in Amazon’s system, and altering this association is not allowed.

To rectify the situation, you’ll need to create a new product listing with the correct ASIN and then send your product to Amazon under that new listing. Remember to follow Amazon’s guidelines for product listings and ensure accurate information to avoid any future issues.


Nope. You’re best off removing the product from FC warehouses asap and then relabelling them yourself.