As a beginner, can we sell Pet Toys?

Or do I need approval from Amazon?

There is a simple and easiest way, just create a dummy listing and take the stock zero.

Then after a week open case ask Amazon if there are any documents required for selling.

If Amazon requires any documents or certificates, they will let you know, so you will need to arrange those documents.

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Yes, you can sell pet toys as a beginner on Amazon, but you might need approval in some cases depending on the specific products you want to sell.

Try to list the products. If they cannot be listed, direct brand approval will work. You can get authorization from a distributor of any pet brands.

Submit invoices and receipts from reputable suppliers showing that you have sourced your products from authorised distributors or manufacturers and then wait for approval.

Launch your private label. PI is always ungated for new suppliers. Amazon encourages branded products.

It is very easy if you have experience in launching a brand. It needs a little bit of research and you’ll be able to execute the idea in the market and make money.