Argument with the Seller Performance Team over POA - Of Course I lose

All this started in early January, when the Product Review Team removed two of our listings due to “Used Sold As New” complaints. Both listings are kid’s tables, similar products but different designs. Listing No.1 was less important (cheaper, no stock left, few reviews), so I thought I started from this one. I studied Kika’s template, and drafted our own Plan of Action with six attachments. It was rejected, asking for Greater Details. So, I rewrote the POA, provided more information. And it was accepted immediately. Listing No.2 was more important (higher price, more stock left, many good reviews). Because the first POA was accepted, I edited this POA, to be more specific to this listing, then submitted. Unfortunately, it was rejected. Product Review Team asked for “Greater Details”. We thought listing No.2 is important so we need to give more attention. We discussed with our supplier, and thought about how to improve the quality control, etc. Finally, after a month, we submitted a revised POA. This revised POA contains 1,537 words. This popular listing had only one return request, quoting: “The customer’s item arrived, but it was dirty, dented and slightly damaged”. Therefore, we analysed the potential causes of this issue from: 1. Insufficient packaging: due to the height weight of the table, the packaging is insufficient to avoid scratches during transit; 2. Improper Handling the Materials at the Factory: when workers at the the factory pack the products, they may have accidentally left dust or marks on the desk; And, in order to avoid these issues, we proposed to improve from five aspects: closely working with good suppliers, enhance quality control, improve packaging, maintain clean warehouse environment and remind couriers to handle with care. We provided the commercial invoices, bill of lading (container), warehouse images, return and refund history and etc. We were confident that this revised POA should be okay, because we wrote it with sincere care and thoughts. Oh, No. Rejected. We immediately received an automated and standard rejection letter asking for Greater Details. What Greater Details? It is a kid’s table, sold several hundred sets, only one return. More than thirty five-star reviews. We analyzed from the manufacturing, to packaging, to warehousing to shipping. What other details they want to see? Why can’t they be a bit more specific? Out of anger, I wrote a complaint letter to MD, copied the Product Review Team. Immediately, the Seller Performance Team replied:

Your listings will remain deactivated and we may not respond to further emails about this issue. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may deactivate your Amazon seller account.

Okay, I’m not a criminal, and I think I confessed enough in my POA, so I didn’t continue with this argument. However, today, a listing NO.3 was removed. This is even more ridiculous. A buyer asked if the table was opened before because there was cling film around the item. It is not cling film; it is called Shrink Wrap, to protect the desktop from dust and scratches. However, the buyer’s wording was picked up by the Amazon bots to be “Used Sold As New” complaint. This listing no return request, with all five or four-star reviews, was removed. We therefore wrote a very specific POA, to explain this situation but also pledge to enhance quality control. This POA, however, got a quick reply, which worried me a bit: Are we on the Seller Performance Team’s Blacklist due to the previous argument?

We are still reviewing your account. We will send you an email when the exam is finished. We reserve the right not to respond to other emails regarding this issue. Sincerely, Seller Performance Team

Will anybody have experience of this? We had an argument with Seller Performance Team on Listing No.2. Will they refuse to review all other listings as well? What is the best strategy, apart from leaving Amazon? Thank you in advance.


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Regarding your question:

I don’t think you are involved in any argument with the Seller Performance.

The Plan of Actions are reviewed by bots or people who only take a few seconds to look at it and then respond with a template.

In this case, I would advise you to submit a complain with the BBB and mention how you were replied to using a template which doesn’t even match your situation.

Request the reactivation of your listings.