Are you guys taking your own photos for the listing or are you getting a photographer?

I feel like a lot of the photos they have on Amazon look like they’re from Google

It is somewhat better to have it taken professionally, but with the right setup, you can get some nice pictures. If you take the pictures yourself, consider getting someone to edit and retouch them professionally.

Also, depending on the product, 3D renders do well too. The aim is to have a picture that stands out, as this will help ensure you are maximizing the best conversion and click-through rate…

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Hire a Professional photographer for your product listing pictures

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Brother, never try to use Google photos otherwise you will get IP violation.

We make images from a proper photographer or editors.

And never use Al images.

For more discussion related to your account you can message me we will guide you

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Use a photographer that knows how to take photos for Amazon. Alternatively, you can buy one of those tents with white background and do it yourself.

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Thank you everyone

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I am planning on taking my own but I am a professional photographer. I also am trying to build up a portfolio for children and infant products if any of you have some products you want to have photographed please DM me and I can give you some really good rates… If I am not allowed to offer this, I apologize admins.

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I take my own photos because for what I sell it wouldn’t be worth paying someone. But I’ve made a large foldable 3-sided white background for it; and I take plenty of photos so that I’m sure to get at least a few VG ones, worth editing in my favourite program: Canon’s ZoomBrowser Ex (discontinued but probably still downloadable from Internet - Many people on photo forums say it’s still the best).


What I eventually did is that I took the pictures against a white background and then hired a guy on Fiverr to do the final retouch. It doesn’t cost much as the results are great:

True! I was thinking about revamping my listings with some good pictures which look professional. I am selling jewelry and the problem is that most photos of jewelry appear terrible due to the shine and reflection, which is not properly captured.

When Googling and looking for a company to take professional pictures of jewelry for me, they wanted 50€ per picture. On Fiver, you can get 10 pictures professionally edited for that price.

Here are some example results:

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