Are these polybags acceptable?

Hello everyone.

Who knows if these types of bags are allowed to ship products to Amazon USA? Of course with its respective SKU and Suffocation Warning.

I ask because I don’t know if it is considered a “poly bag”, but Amazon indicates that Poly bags “must be completely transparent.” And this kind is not fully transparent.

So I’m in doubt.

I appreciate comments. Thanks!

They are but they seem kind of expensive. Most people use the cheapest ones they can get away with.


Those bags are very nice. I have received some with my Amazon orders. However, as a new FBA seller, you want to follow the rules.

Poly-bagged units must meet certain requirements.

I couldn’t disagree with @VidsFromAphone ! Maybe they use the cheapest bags they can find, which usually don’t survive transferring around the FBA fulfillment system. They also look pretty cheap, crummy, and dirty by the time they reach the customers. Sellers who take pride in the presentation of their products spend more.

We started using 2.0 mil poly bags, and ended up using crystal clear polypropylene bags.

At 1.5 mil they are actually stronger than 2.0 mil poly, and they worked perfectly. We sell mostly plush toys.


Nobody checks bags. They will be fine.

Also, nobody checks suffocation warning on bags.

Yes, but your bag is too big. Reduce the size will also save your FBA fees.

There is no problem with those

It’s ok. Many amazon sellers pack with this kind of bag