Are there any free apps or browser extensions for product sourcing?

Hello everyone,

Is there a FREE app where I can do some PRODUCT RESEARCH on?

I am new to the business and on a really tight budget.

Thank you

Not at all.

You have to purchase a winning product from services providers or do your own research through tools helium 10 and jungle scout.


Seller amp for 19.99 a month… nothing good is free

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Hi there,

The recommended tools for product research are Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, etc. You can use the free version of Helium 10, but I would not recommend it because it provides limited data.

I would like to emphasize that before proceeding with any product, you should check all the statistics according to specific criteria in that market for the US, such as:

  1. Search Volume
  2. Selling Price
  3. BSR Consistency
  4. Seasonal/Trendy Etc…

Once a product is selected, you move towards product validation. This is the entire process for finding a product.

Please check the sample below:


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