Are there any costs associated with selling on Amazon?

I thought selling products on amazon was free? I saw somewhere a fee of $40 per month?

If you take Amazon’s Individual plan, there is no fee but there are some restrictions that you cannot sell more than 40 products per month. But if you take Amazon professional plan, you will have to pay monthly charges 40$ and sell as many products as you want.


Nothing is free. Even on the individual selling plan, you have to pay Amazon commission and many other fees that they charge, depending on what you sell and how you sell it.

Before starting your journey, make sure you understand all these costs and build them into your selling prices.


Thank you. I cannot receive more than 40 orders per month or cannot list more than 40 ASIN products?

I’m just getting started, and I’m thinking about giving Amazon a try alongside eBay. I don’t really expect to sell a lot, maybe just a few items every month.

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I specialize in RA selling. Let me know if you have any questions :+1:

I don’t believe there are listing restrictions, just selling restrictions

You’re right that selling products on Amazon does come with fees. While it’s free to create an Amazon seller account, there are different selling plans available. The Individual plan doesn’t have a monthly fee, but it charges a per-item fee for each sale. The Professional plan has a $39.99 monthly fee, but it offers additional benefits like bulk listing and access to advanced selling tools. It’s important to consider your selling volume and needs when choosing the right plan.


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